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Shabu-Shabu at Lucy's

Lucy Zahler is a wonderful Filipina I met in Columbia, and she is married to Warren, an equally wonderful American. She has a Ph.D. in Food Science, so it's always a treat to be invited to dinner by the Zahlers. She recently invited some Filipino students to have Shabu-shabu in her house. (Graduate students are always happy to have dinner at people's homes.) Shabu-shabu apparently means "swish-swish" in Japanese, referring to the swishing action when you cook slices of meat in hot water. Lucy thoughtfully provided shrimp, scallops, and lots of vegetables which I could eat. The rest of the party feasted on the slices of beef and chicken that Lucy of course provided.

The Zahlers have a greenhouse at the back of their house, and one of their plants is a calamansi tree. So, were lucky enough to have fresh calamansi to dip in which to dip our food. Lucy and Warren are obviously fond of having shabu-shabu, since they have at least three burners for guests to use. There was…

Prawns in Garlic

Finals week is FINALLY over, so I will have more time to write about food. This is one of my favorite dishes as I was growing up. I loved it whenever my mom cooked this for us. When I come over to have lunch, she still prepares it for me.

(May also be cooked with fish)

Prepare: 1 k. prawns, peel skin w/o removing the head
Marinate in 2 T. lime juice
1 t. pepper
Heat: 1/2 c. butter
1/4 c. olive oil or corn oil
Brown slightly 1/4 c. minced garlic
Add 2 t. green pepper - panigang, sliced & seeded
Add shrimps & pan fry till pink
Add 2 T. Maggie seasoning or oyster sauce
1/2 t. pepper
Remove prawns from the pan
Add to the pan 1/2 cup butter
1/4 t. pepper
Boil once and place back the prawns.
Serve immediately with molded steamin…

Aidan's Noodles

The last week of class has just passed by, and finals week is still to come, which is why I hadn't made a post earlier. Anyway, this recipe was sent to me by my mother, Doris. When she concocts recipes, she names it after her family, and so she named this one after my nephew. It's a great vegetarian noodle dish.

Noodles w/mushrooms & oyster sauce (Aidan's noodles)

Prepare 1 K. fresh noodles
Wash well & blanch w/boiling water

Heat 3/4 cooking oil
Brown 1 T. garlic
Add 1/2 K. wild mushrooms unopened
1 T. soy sauce
Stir fry until fully heated through.
Add in the prepared noodles & blend thoroughly
Season w/ 1/2 c. oyster sauce
1 tsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. pepper
1/2 c. broth
Fresh mike 500 g. for 12 persons
Dried egg noodles …