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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fried Fair Food

The Orange County Fair was held for most of July at Costa Mesa. We planned to go one Friday to make my nephew Aidan happy. What kid doesn't like carnivals? For us adults, we were simply looking for an excuse to eat more fair food. So off we went to the OC Fair. The sight of all that cotton candy and pop corn was enough to make one dizzy.

As soon as we got there, we looked for something to eat. In an attempt at eating healthy, Liz and I got some fried zucchini. In the picture on the billboard, this dish was lightly battered then deep fried. In reality, it looked like a corn dog, except that it had zucchini inside. The bread part was soaking in oil since it wasn't fried properly. But, we still proceeded to eat it. This we regretted later because all that oil upset our stomachs. To make ourselves feel better, we decided to eat even more fried food. This time, we made sure it tasted good. So we headed out to eat funnel cake, the food staple of all fairs.

We got the Bavarian Cream variety, and as always, the funnel cake delivered the goods. It's greasy and fattening, but at least you know from the get-go exactly what to expect.

We needed to drink a lot of hot tea when we got home in a desperate attempt to fight the ill-effects of consuming too much fried food. Too little, too late.

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