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Monday, September 11, 2006

Back in Columbia, Missouri

It's been three weeks since my summer vacation in California ended, and I'm now back in Columbia adjusting to school life after months of being pretty much a bum. Along with the end of my break came the end of opportunities to eat out in so many great restaurants. Don't get me wrong, I think that Columbia has a measure of diversity when it comes to dining choices, considering it's in the heart of the midwest. And in relation to other towns/cities in Missouri (St. Louis and Jeff City aside), it probably has a lot more to offer. One problem of course, is that it's very far from the coast. Which means seafood is that much harder to come by.

There's a new restaurant right in front of the Mizzou Journalism School where I study, it's called Moe's Southwest Grill. It's similar to Rubio's in CA, where we had our Taco Tuesdays (boy, I miss those days). I saw that they were offering Fish Tacos, which got me really excited. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, though. The fish was a bit crumbly and didn't taste fresh. More importantly, it cost $2.69, as compared to dollar fish tacos in Rubio's (on Tuesdays only). I guess I should know better than to expect good fish in this area. This doesn't mean I'm not having fish tacos at Moe's ever again. I'm going back there for sure. It's still a better alternative to a lot of other fast food joints, where I usually can't find anything to eat except fried fish sandwiches.

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