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Monday, September 18, 2006

Lunch at Yuying's

My friend Yuying Dong, one of only two Chinese Fulbright Students sent to the US last year, has a great talent for cooking. I had been nagging her to invite me to lunch or dinner at her place since I got back to Missouri, and she finally relented. She invited me and Felicity Duncan (a Fulbright student from South Africa) to lunch yesterday. Free food is always a joy when you are a grad student, but Yuying's meals are something else.

She only had two guests, but she prepared six dishes (Now THAT's the way it's done!). She made a beef dish, a pork dish, one with chicken stomach and hearts, a fish soup, a cucumber salad, and mapo tofu without meat, which she prepared especially for me. We all sat around the table with our chopsticks and ate practically non-stop while we chatted for two hours. What seemed to be a large amount of food (definitely too much for only three people) seemed to just disappear without us being aware of it.

It's too bad that I wasn't able to take pictures of the food. I was too hungry and eager to eat that I totally forgot to take photos. Oh well, I can only hope that Yuying will cook for us again.

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