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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sweetee Thai

(This is a rather belated post about a restaurant in Southern California. I've started reminiscing about the food in that area because I've been sorely missing it.)

On the night before I left LA to head back to good old CoMO, my brother told me that I had the privilege of choosing which restaurant where we were to have dinner. It was after all around the time of my birthday, and also, I was the one who would be deprived of good dining options when I returned to mid-Missouri. After much thought, I told him that all I knew was that I wanted something Asian to eat. After driving aimlessly for minutes, we finally saw a complex that had several restaurants. We decided to try our luck and chose to enter a restaurant with the rather dubious name of Sweetee Thai (It seemed to me to be a rather poor play on the words sweety pie, though I'm not sure that was the real intention).

The interiors were very nice, probably the nicest among the Thai restaurants that I've tried in the area so far. It turns out that the quality of the food they served was at par with the restaurant's design. Everything we ordered was good. We had fried shrimp rolls for starters, and these were crispy and tasty. Also worth mentioning were the scallops with garlic. The garlic was fried brown before putting it on the scallops, which is exactly how I liked it. We also had Pad Thai and Red Curry Shrimp, though these dishes tasted pretty much like they do in other restaurants.

When I checked the Internet for the restaurant's address so I could post it on here, I found that many people have given Sweetee Thai good reviews. I for one am looking forward to going back to the restaurant when I come back in December to spend the Christmas holiday break with my family.

Sweetee Thai

(714) 828-7371
10557 Valley View St.
Cypress, CA 90630

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