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Monday, November 06, 2006


One of my favorite restaurants here in Columbia is Addison's, which is a casual dining place. It's the restaurant I go to most often when I want a break from Taco Bell. Usually, I eat their pasta, but last time I went, I only had space for an appetizer and dessert. So, I had their Italian bread which has lots of cheese on top, and a slice of their caramel pecan cake. Worth mentioning is their sweet potato chips which I had another time. It comes with horseradish sauce, and the combination was surprisingly complementary. We have sweet potato chips in the Philippines, but these are usually sugared. I'll try to make my own version of the sauce when I fly back home.

709 Cherry St.
Columbia, MO


Anonymous said...

hi gidget, what kind of dip came with the cheese bread? looks like tomato...


Gidget said...

actually it's some kind of marinara sauce with garlic, topped with cheese, as you can see from the picture...