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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kapow Thai Restaurant

My brother has moved from the city of Buena Park to Hawaiian Gardens, so we have been discovering the restaurants in this area. One Thai restaurant near their house is called Kapow. In my ignorance, I at first thought this to be a very strange name for a restaurant, because it's like the sound effect for the old Batman cartoons whenever the Caped Crusader punched someone. Kapow turns out to be a popular Thai dish.

Most of the members of my family are living with my brother right now for the holidays, so it's been fun trying new restaurants with them. We ordered the usual Pad Thai and Shrimp Curry, but what I liked most among the dishes we had was the Shrimp Cakes. My nephew Aidan liked them too, and he and I practically had to fight over who would get more of them. I had to give in- he is after all, only four years old.

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