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Friday, December 29, 2006

Karuta Restaurant

Jerick (my brother) and Liz (my sister-in-law) both love Japanese food, so they brought me to Karuta Restaurant which offers teppanyaki. I always enjoy teppanyaki, especially if the chef has a flair for performing. Luckily for me, the chef that evening did have it. He chopped vegetables with a flourish, and lit the fire with panache.

It's fun to watch the fire because it tickles my little nephew Aidan so much. He is both fascinated by and scared of the flames at the same time, and it's amusing to see him peeking at them through his little fingers.

I greatly enjoyed the food. Teppanyaki has few ingredients, and the chef wielded them well. Since the shrimp and scallops they used were fresh, I was happy.

Karuta Restaurant
6890 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, 90621-3448

1 comment:

henrychan888 said...

wow! that looks delish! I'll have to go try it out...