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Friday, April 06, 2007

New Orleans Food Trip

I recently went to New Orleans for spring break, and the reason why I chose to go to that city for my last school break in the US is, I have heard and read so much about how great the food was there. When I arrived, I immediately asked a cab driver about any restaurants he could recommend, and he said "This is New Orleans, you can't go wrong anywhere!" And I found out he was right. Anywhere I ate (and I didn't exactly have a game plan), the food was excellent.

I just stayed four days there, but if I had stayed any longer, I would have gained so much weight. I never even had space for dessert because the appetizers and main courses just filled me up. Usually I don't finish the main course so I could have dessert, but I just had to this time because the meals were just so good. I left each restaurant with my stomach extended to its fullest, but I definitely had no regrets. I will post some photos of the food very soon.

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Gidget said...

Okay, by the word "soon", I guess I meant "within the same year"...