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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Panera Bread

I found some more pictures I took in restaurants in Columbia, and aside from making me sentimental about the little university town, the photos also made me realize I hadn't written about some of the eating experiences that I will really associate with my life at Mizzou.

My friend Felicity and I often used to go to Panera, which is just a very short walk away from the Journalism school. We liked hanging out there because of the free WiFi and the fact that they didn't kick us out even after we'd been nursing our coffee (in my case) and tea (in Fil's) for three hours. It eventually became our default place when we couldn't decide where to eat, or when we just felt like talking over coffee/tea.

In all the times I'd been there, I almost always had the same thing. I would have the half-and-half order that they offered, where you could have two of the following things: half a sandwich, half a bowl of soup, and half a salad. The sandwich would be portobello mushroom, the soup would be french onion, and the side would be chips.

I remember this meal fondly, because it was over portobello and chips that Felicity and I spent many hours discussing novels we want to write, countries we wanted to live in, and boys we wanted to date, among many other things. I definitely miss Panera.

Panera Bread
Downtown Columbia
102 South 9th Street
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 442-4455 | phone
(573) 442-1188 | fax

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