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Monday, August 06, 2007

Gigi cooks for me in Sydney, Australia

(I've decided, to heck with chronology, I'm writing in present tense for now.)

I'm currently in Sydney, Australia to visit my friend Gigi. The food in Sydney is great (more on the restaurants later), even when she and I eat at her apartment. That's because Gigi is a fabulous cook. It's a joy to eat whatever she whips up. One evening, after a chilly afternoon walking around town, she made Butternut Squash Soup, which is my absolute favorite soup in the whole world. Another great thing about Gigi is she always makes sure the food is presented well, even when she eats alone. Now that's a way to treat yourself well.

Butternut Squash Soup

Another time, we went to the seafood market to buy some supplies. She got some transatlantic salmon, which I assume, is not farmed salmon. (unless there are transatlantic fish farms? haha) Anyway, she at first wanted to bake it to make it healthier to eat. But we were already hungry so she decided to fast-forward the cooking process by pan-frying it. I thought it tasted great the way she ended up making it.

Pan-fried Salmon

One other thing that she made was Caprese Salad. She said it was the first time she ever made it. We had some the previous evening at an Italian restaurant, then she decided that it was pretty easy to replicate. It was the first time I had eaten this type of salad with greens (it was served that way in that restaurant). Usually it's just tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. This version makes it healthier, I guess.

Caprese Salad

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