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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cafe Enzo, Hunter Valley, Australia

It's been a month since I ate at Cafe Enzo, and I was hoping to find their menu online to get the names of the dishes that I had there, since I can no longer remember them. I can't seem to find their website, though, so I'll just have to go on my rather faulty memory.

At any rate, on my birthday, Gigi decided to bring me to Hunter Valley for some wine tasting. She brought along a lovely friend of hers, Kristine Young, who made the trip more fun. It was a three-hour drive from Sydney to the valley, and the rain was pouring in buckets. I admired Gigi for driving all that way despite the dismal weather and poor visibility.

Since we left Sydney late in the morning, we were already starving when we got to Hunter Valley. Gigi already knew where to bring us for lunch, since she had eaten there in the past and she was very happy with the place. We ate at Cafe Enzo, and it was a quaint, cozy little restaurant. There was a log fire burning when we got there, which was perfect because we were feeling quite cold and damp.

We got straight to business, so we had some salad to share, and I ordered the pasta with prawns. I had a lot of their bread because I was already famished, then dug into the salad with a little too much enthusiasm. By the time the pasta arrived at the table, I was feeling a bit full already. Nonetheless, this didn't stop me from demolishing the rather big serving.

I knew that I had already approached the point of gluttony, but I didn't much care. If you can't pig out on your birthday, when else can you? I was well aware that I'd engorged myself, but I still had to have some dessert. So I ordered the chocolate ganache to cap off the meal.

After we left Enzo's, we went to a couple of places to have some wine. But since we didn't really have space for anything else, our wine-tasting was half-hearted at best. We bought some wine, chocolate and cheese in the valley, then we headed back for Sydney.

It took me the whole day and the evening to digest what I ate at Enzo's but I had no regrets. It was a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.

Cafe Enzo
1 Broke Pokolbin
Hunter Valley
New South Wales 2320

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