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Friday, March 14, 2008

Dining in New Orleans

It's been some time since I spent my spring break in New Orleans, and it was only recently that I found some of the pictures that I took during that foodie trip. Unfortunately, with my bad memory, I no longer remember the names of the dishes that I ordered, nor the restaurants that I ate them in. Whatever notes I may have scribbled on scraps of paper have also been lost. This is all too bad, because New Orleans is seriously a great city in which to be dining.

The food I ate in all the restaurants was excellent, with the exception of some blackened catfish I had in one place (the name of which I can't remember, of course) that was too salty. Here are some of the dishes I had in that city, which I will always think of as a slice of food heaven.

This is a simple mushroom omelet I had for breakfast one lazy sunny morning, when I just wanted to sit to have a leisurely meal and lots of coffee at a hotel lobby.

Mushroom omelet

I ordered the following dishes in the first restaurant I went to when I arrived in the city. It was a great way to start my trip, and a good preview of meals to come.

Blackened salmon

Crab salad

Crab cakes


Anonymous said...

hi im ruvee a filipino living in new orleans.i work as a restaurant server in W hotel here.yes ur right this place is known for its interesting cuisine.if u can visit here once again you should try our seared scallop an appetizer that surely captivate ur appetite.or you can drop by in the hotel and surely our experienced server would gladly recommend you the other best place to dine.have you tried the alligator menu offered in some restaurant here?.


Gidget said...

Hi Ruvee, I would love to go back to New Orleans. I did not have time to eat in all the restaurants on my list when I went there. Hopefully next time I will be able to stay longer. I will look for W Hotel and try your seared scallops. I love scallops!

Unfortunately I do not eat reptiles, so I will not be able to try the city's famed alligator dishes.

Thanks for dropping by!