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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Earth Restaurant, Metrowalk

One of the restaurants that I wanted my balikbayan brother and his family to try was Good Earth. It's one of my favorite Chinese/Asian fusion restaurants, and so I made reservations at their Metrowalk branch for one of our dinners out.

Again, my siblings and their families were all in attendance, and we stayed in the function room so that all the screeching and screaming that my nephews and niece were bound to do would terrorize the minimum number of patrons in the restaurant.

Prawns with Crab Egg

To use the function room, you have to order from their set menu. Thankfully there was seafood in the selections. We chose the set which included Prawns with Crab Egg. I love crab fat in all its many forms. So regardless of the aligue's high cholesterol content, I had a lot of this dish.

My siblings are very understanding of my dietary needs. They allowed me to get the bigger share of the prawns, since they could pig out on the chicken, pork and beef entrees.

Seafood Chow Mein

For noodles, we got the Seafood Chow Mein. I liked this dish because it did not have too much of a fishy smell or taste, (a.k.a. not malansa) and the noodles were not to mushy nor too undercooked. Just right, in my book.

Shrimp Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Another thing I had a lot of were the Shrimp Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce. This was not on the set menu, we just ordered it a la carte. I do love shrimp balls, and I order this dish in any restaurant where they are available. Again, I ate more than my fair share of this dish. Actually, if left to my own devices, I would have devoured the two platefuls that we ordered.

For dessert, Good Earth offered selections from Sebastian ice cream. We were very excited to have some, since we are fans of this brand. However, when we ordered some, we realized that it had the crystallized look of ice cream that had already melted and was just re-frozen. Like what happens when you don't finish a pint of ice cream, leave it on the table until it's melted, then put it back in your freezer to eat at another time.

That was an anti-climactic end to an otherwise good meal.

Good Earth Restaurant
Ground Floor, Metrowalk Mall
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City
Tel. no. 687.2881

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