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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dencio's Grill, Quezon City

Choosing a place where to have lunch during the workweek sometimes presents a bit of a challenge because of the many options available in the area where I work. This is particularly true when I’m eating with friends who have a hard time deciding where exactly to go. Sometimes we lament not having a type A personality in our midst, someone who will simply decide unilaterally and tell us where we should eat.

At any rate, when we have narrowed down our choices somewhat and feel like eating a serious, heavy meal (and if we are in the mood for lots of rice), then we choose to go to Dencio’s. It’s right across the station, and it’s an old reliable place to eat. Like most other restaurants where I eat often, I’ve pretty much narrowed down my choices after some trial and error.

Kangkong with Bagoong

I almost always order one of the following: their Lumpia Bites, Bangus Sisig, and Kangkong with Bagoong. And rice of course. Garlic, if I’m in the mood to indulge.

I like their Kangkong with Bagoong, which is a relatively new choice for me. In the past, I'd usually order the sizzling version. Since I discovered the one with bagoong, that's always my vegetable of choice. All that salt can't be good, and all that cholesterol from the tiny shrimp can't be all that healthy either. But hey, I didn't say we went to Dencio's because of the food's nutritional value.

I like their bangus sisig because the green chili adds just the right amount of hotness. Also, if they put ginger in there to remove the fishy-ness of the bangus, I can't taste it much. I really don't like it when I order some sort of seafood sisig and I can distinctly taste the ginger that they put to fight the fishy taste.

Lumpia Bites

Their Lumpia Bites has a filling also made from bangus. (No, I never get tired of this fish.) I like the homemade taste of this dish, including that of the sweet and sour sauce that most Filipinos are familiar with.

I noticed recently though that the number of pieces in their Lumpia Bites has lessened a bit. I never really kept count so I can't tell for sure how many pieces one order used to have or how many it has now. I just know that there's less lumpia to go around when I order it nowadays.

For dessert, I usually like having the Turon with Ice Cream, but for this visit, my friend Chi tried the healthy alternative, which is the fruit platter. I shared some of her fruit, but since we almost fought over the mango and we both ended up ignoring the rest of the fruits, we decided to just have the Turon next time.

Fruit Platter

Dencio's Bar and Grill
Bohol Avenue, Quezon City

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Anonymous said...

To the Dencio's Management.. I need your attention on this matter. I've been hangin' out at your branches for many years now. But it was the first time i experienced a very unsatisfying,annoying,insulting treatment of your staff. As i checked out the net, im not the only one who experienced this. Even people from the press did. And even wrote it on paper.. exactly the same incident we had. Call for last orders,giving your bill even if u dont ask for it.No serving of water and ice.. and as you try to consume what u ordered. The crew will piss you off by roaming around your area to check if you're done already. And the worst they did was to talk this way, "matagal pa ba yan? ilang bote pa ba?" That made me stand,and talk to the manager. Its so disappointing, i've been to bars all over the metro but even if its closing time..never have i experience this. Hope you do some action with this.. This destroys your stores good reputation.