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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant, Quezon City, Philippines

One of my favorite places to eat in Quezon City is Greens Vegetarian Restaurant. I like Greens because I can eat pretty much anything on the menu. I usually go to this restaurant with my friend Yeng, when we want to discuss whatever's going on with our lives. The place is relatively quiet, so it's a perfect place to catch up with friends. One lazy Saturday afternoon she asked me to have lunch with her there, and I was excited because it would be my first time to go to their new location.

I like the layout of their new place, which is bigger than their former location. There is not much parking though. Also, it’s now harder to park on the street outside their new place because it’s a much busier area.

Yeng and I quickly got down to business. The business of eating, that is. To start, we had the vegetarian chicharon (pork rind). It actually tasted a lot like the usual kropek (fish crackers), but with the shape and texture, you could pretend for a just a little while that you were eating the real thing. (It’s a stretch though.)

Vegetarian Chicharon

We then had the vegetarian sisig and Greens Vegetarian Barbecue. First... about the sisig. It’s made with mashed tofu and gluten, and is seasoned the way sisig usually is- with garlic, onions, and ginger. I thought the serving was pretty generous considering the price of P140. If there were only two of you, and each of you had a cup of rice to go with it, the meal would be more than enough (for a normal appetite, that is).

Vegetarian Sisig

I like their vegetarian barbecue a lot, which is made of sliced gluten. I do miss the taste of Pinoy barbecue- the sweet, slightly charred taste that it has. Greens’ version of pork barbecue reminds me of meals in Aristocrat years back when I was a student in UP (and still eating pork). When I would save my allowance by ordering a stick of barbecue and a cup of rice and putting a lot of sauce on it. Greens also serves their barbecue with achara (pickled salad), which is how I’d eat it in Aristocrat.

Vegetarian Barbecue

I also tried their pumpkin soup. Among all the dishes, this proved to be the disappointment for me. Pumpkin soup is one of my favorites, and Greens’ version was just too bland for me, and that comes from someone who doesn’t like too much salt on her food. It almost seemed like there was no salt at all in the soup. Could be an oversight by the cook, or an overzealous stab at healthy cooking.

All told, I would still come back to this place again and again. Mostly for the barbecue.

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant
92 Sct. Castor Street, Quezon City
Tel. No. 415.4796


Ponpokopon said...

Wow, a vegetarian restaurant in Manila, oops in Q.C. pala! Are there any other exclusively vegetarian restaurants in Metro Manila?

Alex A. said...

Actually there are several restaurants now providing vegetarian dishes, although the offerings (and range of vegetarianism) vary from place to place (some offer vegan, vegetarian; are vegetarian-friendly, etc.)
There's Bodhi, Chimara, Blissful Belly, and some others. :-)

christine said...

hallooo ! it's 240 am and i googled Greens Resto and voila ! stumbled upon your blog ! fave ko yang Greens! especially kapag medyo nagi-guilty na kami ni Pappu kapag sunod sunod ang pagkain ng porky pig, hehe ! fave namin ang BBq and sisig, tofu kebab. Di masyado yung relyeno. Glad you and Yeng discovered Greens din !

Alex A. said...

that's so funny that we met here :) yes, yeng and i like going to greens. just like you guys, we love the sisig and the barbecue!

Frannie said...

Oh my gosh. Their vegetarian sisig is unparalleled. I always have to go there every time I come home to the Philippines! My non-veggie friends love it too!

Edwin Michael said... seems this resto....offers good food for a healthy diet.

Alex A. said...

Thanks for visiting, Frannie and Edwin! I do hope it's really healthy because I still go to this restaurant a lot :)

Chiqui said...

Hi there. Just stumbled upon your blog when I was checking out Greens. Just to let you know, have just opened a veg cafe in Makati called Corner Tree Cafe -- it's at 150 Jupiter Street (near Aristocrat, Queens, Mickey's Deli). Thought you might be interested. You can google it :-)

(are you from AC?)

Alex A. said...

Hi Chiqui! Glad to see you here. Yes, I'm from AC, and as a matter of fact, my sister Giselle told me that your restaurant was opening. The next time I'm in Makati, I'll check it out. Good luck with the resto!

Gaer said...

Hi Alex! Am just trying my luck. Do you happen to have the recipes for these menu?

sparkle said...

Are there any vegetarian forums in the Phils?