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Monday, June 02, 2008

Proud Mary Cafe and Diner, Quezon City

A restaurant that my friend Chi recently invited me to try is Proud Mary Cafe. It's very near our office, and she said she noticed the place because she has passed by it so many times. She finally decided to give it a shot, so off we went. It's walking distance from the station, so it's convenient for us as well, considering gas prices.

It's a small place, but clean and quiet. (According to Chi, it's owned by some people from ABS-CBN.) We got there a bit early for lunch, so there were no other people around. Just the way I like it.

I ordered their fried catfish, which is served with eggplant and bagoong. The fish and bagoong went perfectly with the rice. I don't normally like finishing a whole cup of rice with a meal, but this time I just couldn't help it. I would classify this meal as Pinoy comfort food. Lots of salt and rice... yum.

Fried Catfish

Since we were feeling a bit sinful and indulgent, Chi and I had the banoffee pie. (One slice each!) I miss the banoffee pie of the now-defunct (?) Area Cafe in Megamall, and this was a perfect time to honor its memory. Having the dessert was also a good way to wash off the taste of the fish and bagoong.

Banoffee Pie

It's a good thing we just walked to Proud Mary. That meant we had to walk back and burn a few of the calories that we had consumed. The place is so near though, we probably just burned five of those calories on the walk back.

Proud Mary Cafe and Diner
233 Tomas Morato Extension
Quezon City
Tel. No. (63 2)473.7742

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