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Friday, August 29, 2008

Cibo Restaurant at 9501 closing down?

My good friend Kate called my mobile yesterday morning and started the conversation off with a rather alarming opening sentence. "I have some bad news," she said. From the rather light tone of her voice (considering her words), I figured it wasn't REALLY horrible news. So I said, "Have you done something bad?" It was a rather ungenerous comment, I realized too late, but there it was. She laughed and said that of course she hadn't.

Anyway, after that mysterious opening salvo, she came out and told me that the branch of Cibo in our office building was closing down at the end of September. This WAS bad news. That Cibo has been around for years, and I've had countless satisfying lunches with my office friends there. We even know the servers by name. They hand us Cibo giveaways whenever Christmas comes around, as a token of thanks for our loyal patronage.

Kate and I would laughingly bump into each other in the restaurant, both of us coincidentally planning to dine there alone. It was a place of refuge when things got a little too hectic at work. No better way to beat stress than with a plate of Farfalle a la Genovese.

I had lunch there today with Kate to find out for myself if the rumor was true (and also to partake of said farfalle). The server confirmed Kate's earlier report, and it certainly looks like one of my favorite restaurants will no longer be around (at least in a place where I can walk to) in a matter of weeks. One of my comfort zones will disappear.

Which is why I intend to eat farfalle every week this month. I have to give the closing down of Cibo a tribute it deserves.


zimatar said...

Is Cibo another victim of the weakening purchase power of the Filipinos? to think that they are in a posh building such as elj?

by the way, i'm a fan. no longer see you in the news, though. :)

Alex A. said...

hi zimatar,

i think you are right, the prices at cibo have probably become prohibitive at this point, with everything else now becoming more expensive.

thanks for dropping by :)