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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gran Caffe Casanova Ristorante Italiano, QC

My friend Angel was telling me to try this Italian restaurant in Quezon City that can be found in a place that I might have a hard time getting to. But considering that I get lost very easily, that's not exactly something that would distinguish one place from another. Actually, my pride was a little piqued when she said this, so I resolved to find my way there without asking for any help. (But only after I got detailed directions, of course.)

We decided to meet up at the restaurant with our other friend Kennie. Angel couldn't really remember the name of the restaurant, but I found it easily enough. (Hah!) It turns out that the name was quite a mouthful- Gran Caffe Casanova Ristorante Italiano. It had very cozy interiors, and looked very much like a date place.

We tried their ricotta-filled spinach ravioli (ravioli verdi ricotta spinaci) and their four-cheese pasta (quattro formaggi). Angel and Kennie also shared a pizza with chicken. I liked both the ricotta and the four-cheese pasta, mostly because of the cheese (of course). I liked the taste of the ravioli better though.

Four cheese pasta

Both dishes were very heavy, as expected; not exactly diet food. Then again, when I'm out with my friends (especially these two), dieting is not exactly on anyone's mind. I would probably go back to this restaurant, because we weren't able to try any of their desserts this time.

Gran Caffe Casanova Ristorante Italiano
The Clubhouse, Corinthian Hills
Temple Drive
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Tel. No. (632)638.2989

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