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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Omakase Restaurant, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

My friend Kennie (one of my reliable eating partners) and I had an impromptu get together one night. She called to say we should have dinner, and that she felt like having some Japanese food. I suggested that we eat at Omakase Restaurant, which I’d heard so much about from other friends but never had the chance to visit.

Spider Maki

She was hesitant at first. She told me that she’d eaten there once, and that she was not very happy with what she had. Thankfully, Kennie was willing to give it another chance, saying that maybe she just ordered the wrong thing that one time.

She picked me up after work and off we went to the restaurant. The place was pretty packed, but we managed to get ourselves seated at a booth. We ordered the usual things- ebi tempura, fried tofu, and miso soup. Then we ordered the rolls that were to be the highlight of the meal.

The ubiquitous Ebi Tempura

The tempura, tofu, and miso soup tasted pretty much like they do in similar Japanese restaurants. So, although they were okay, they were not particularly memorable. However, Kennie and I were both very happy with the rolls that we had. She ordered the Dynamite Roll, which had some spicy scallops while I had the Spider Roll, which had soft-shell crab. I liked the slight spicy kick of the Dynamite Roll, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Spider Roll’s soft-shell crab, something I don’t get enough of.

Dynamite Roll

We polished them off in good time (along with the other things we ordered). The rolls were delicious, and Kennie and I congratulated ourselves on the success of our orders. We both repeatedly said that we were happy that we chose to go to Omakase after all.

Omakase Restaurant
Scout Rallo corner Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 412-0002


sato said...

Magandang umaga.

Alex A. said...

hi sato, thanks for dropping by!

Isabella said...

i love love omakase!!! their american dream is a must try. it's sushi with salmon flakes on it. yummy! and their tempura ice cream (it may sound weird and yucky but it's definitely not)! it's like nothing else.

Alex A. said...

thanks isabella, i'll be sure to try both your recommendations when i go there next time!

Anonymous said...

I give Omakase's American Drean 5 gold stars!

Anonymous said...

hi gud day,,
comment q lng ung kinain ng frend q dyn sa resto nyo,, about tofu and mga donburi nyo iba2 na ung lasa tska ung sa dining nyo ung bgo c yhen daw ata un nag tip packet puz d ok service nya smin madalaz suki nyo kmi mtagal na....
pero biglng nag bago paiba iba kc kyo na tao. not organize
dmi pa namn kumakain dyn regular customer kmi family kmi lagi dyn nabanggit lng skin ng frend q datz ol.. tnx

Ronika said...

I also love Omakase :) Before sa Tomas Morato pa kme pumupunta but wala na yung branch nila dun ngayon.. Saan pa ba meron silang branch? Thanks! :) can you email me?

Anonymous said...

@Ronika-hi, they're still in morato, they just transferred to another area,here's the address: IL TERAZZO, Scout Madriñan, Tomas Morato QC. thanks! God bless!