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Monday, November 17, 2008

Crispy Bangus at Jollibee

There are limited choices to be had for pescetarians in fast food chains. This is why it's not very hard for me to decide what to order in these places. At McDonald's, I have the Filet O' Fish; at Burger King, I have their Big Fish sandwich, at Wendy, I order the Shrimp Sandwich and at Jollibee, I have their Tuna Pie. (At KFC I have to content myself with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.)

I was recently pleasantly surprised to see that Jollibee had another fish offering, and this is their Crispy Bangus. You can order this as a one-piece or a two-piece meal. During breakfast hours, the one-piece bangus meal (with fried egg, garlic rice, and sliced tomato) costs P64.00.

During regular hours, the meal is priced at P62.00 for the one-piece version, and P99.00 for two pieces of fish. It doesn't come with the egg after breakfast hours though, and the rice served with it is plain, not garlic.

The fish is very tasty. Although the piece of fish is not very big, its taste will be enough to accompany the rice. If you're in the mood for a very Pinoy-tasting meal, this will definitely do.

I hope this meal will be available for some time to come. I noticed that fish products rarely last very long at Jollibee. Years ago, they tried out a couple of versions of tuna sandwich, then they had fish and fries (fried fish fillet with french fries), both of which were eventually phased out.

Then a few years ago they introduced their Tuna Pie, which also disappeared for a while. I was glad when they eventually brought it back to life. Products like these are usually given a new lease on life during the Lenten season, when people try to abstain from eating meat.

I remember that McDonald's also pulled out their Filet O' Fish (to my dismay) for awhile. They brought it back only after a few months, and yes, the sandwich's comeback was timed for Lent. Wendy's shrimp sandwich started out as a Lenten offering, so I'm glad they eventually made it a part of their regular menu.

I do wish fast food chains would no longer pull out their fish/seafood products. It's very disappointing for a very hungry pescetarian to pull up to one of their stores in the hope of grabbing a quick bite and find that there is absolutely nothing there to eat. (French fries and a sundae do not really count as a meal.)


Jollibee web site said...

Well, I agree with you there, "Crispy Bangus at Jollibee" was so good and I really love it. You will gonna prove it too. When you try it for your self. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to some interesting topics here, so I'll be sure to keep on coming back here. Thanks for sharing and Good luck.


Alex A. said...

Thanks for dropping by, Megan! I still have Crispy Bangus at least once a week haha :)