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Friday, February 06, 2009

Dining in Palau 3- Carp Japanese Restaurant

My friend Anjou had been to Palau last year, and she told me that there was this Japanese restaurant called Carp, which I had to go to so that I could try their cabbage. I figured that the cabbage must have been really good for someone to remember it so fondly. (Cabbage isn’t usually on someone’s must-eat list.)

Anjou couldn't remember exactly where it was, but after a few inquiries from the locals, we were able to determine its location. And after a few wrong turns, we finally found ourselves in Carp. It’s an unpretentious place, with simple interiors. The food turned out to be very good though, and we ended up going there a couple of times during our stay in Palau.

I once had their Tuna Steak, which came in a rather large portion. Of course, I had the cabbage, or Yasai Itame, and it was as delicious as Anjou had reported. Actually, the specialty of the restaurant (and some say, the whole of Palau), is its fruitbat soup. That of course is off limits to pescetarians, but even my omnivore friends were not brave enough to try it.

Fish Steak

Carp Japanese Restaurant
Koror, Republic of Palau

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