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Friday, June 19, 2009

Amorita Resort, Panglao, Bohol

I recently went to Bohol for a dive vacation with some friends, and we decided to visit our divemaster friend Rommel, who manages the dive shop at a beautiful resort, Amorita. We went there early in the morning, and discovered that they had a breakfast buffet to be had for only P500. On that day, I chose not to have the buffet since most of the choices on the table was meat. I ordered their fish and chips (not exactly traditional breakfast fare, I know), which was filling in itself.

Fish and Chips

However, my friend Isabel made me taste their French toast, which was part of the buffet. It was heavenly, so I decided to have the buffet the next day, if only for the French toast.

Off we trooped to Amorita the next morning. Unfortunately, we discovered that they only served French toast every other day, alternating with pancakes. So, with no French toast in sight, I again had their fish and chips.

On the last day of our trip, we finally got to have the French toast, and that made the breakfast buffet worth it for me. The only other thing I had that morning was cheese and pesto omelette. Only two items, but loaded with many, many calories. I didn't mind. (I vowed to diet once I got back to Manila.)
We also decided to have dinner at Amorita on our last night, so we could sample other items on their menu. I had their French onion soup, and their fish almondine with pesto rice. For dessert, I had brazo de mercedes.

French Onion Soup

I declared the soup the winner of the night. The cheese was chewy and very tasty, and overall the soup was delicious.

Fish Almondine with Pesto Rice

I enjoyed the fish and dessert as well, but I was really blown away by the soup. Maybe the next time I dine at Amorita, I'll just have two servings and blow my calorie requirement on the soup and nothing else.

Brazo de Mercedes


Islandgirl said...

Hello there. I just finished a diet today and i lost 5 kilos, I wanted to shift to Pescetarianism since I cannot be a vegetarian. I've been reading the benefits of pescetarian and way ahead of vegetarian. I think I neeeded better sources of protein. I wanted to buy books about pescetarian, I couldn't find since I'm busy at work as well. I was hooked at your write-ups and had good ideas for food recipes and I cook very well so I don't have problem cooking those recipes. My question is a.) How to start being a Pescetarian. b.) Does it have a strict table of calories to follow everyday? c.) How to remain strict on the fish-veges lifestyle. Hoping for your responce, Grace.

Alex A. said...

Hi Grace, sorry for the late response. To answer your questions, I'll just relate how I became pescetarian, and how I was able to stick to this lifestyle.

It's not very easy to give up pork, beef, or chicken all at once. So I decided to do it gradually. First I chose what meat I was the LEAST fond of, so it wouldn't be so hard to give it up. In my case it was pork. (I never really liked lechon or chicharon.)So I just decided not to eat that anymore. When I had adjusted to this, I gave up beef. Then, when I adjusted to that, I gave up chicken.

Because I did it gradually, it wasn't really hard to become pescetarian (eventually). The key to sticking to it is NOT to feel deprived. After all, pescetarians can always eat chocolates :)

Since you cook, this will make it even easier. Just make sure you keep your meals exciting and still delicious so that you don't feel like you're missing out by not eating meat. I don't really count calories, the main thing for me was not to eat mammals and birds anymore.

I've been pescetarian for more than ten years... I haven't eaten bacon, steak, or chicken(joy) in all that time. I've never felt deprived, and I don't even miss any of that. The thing to remember is that you can still eat well. There are so many pescetarian/vegetarian choices out there. You just have to look a little bit harder for them.

I hope this helps, and do write again if you have any other questions (or if you need someone to cheer you on!).

Good luck!