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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kimono Ken, Quezon City

There are many Japanese restaurants to be found in Metro Manila, offering the usual dishes that are favored by many Filipinos, such as California Maki and Ebi Tempura.

California Maki

The reason why I like to go to Kimono Ken along Tomas Morato is that they offer Ebi Fry Curry, one of my favorite Japanese dishes. I notice that this dish is not often offered in Japanese restaurants in the metro. Years ago, when I was frequently in the Makati area, I used to go to Shinjuku for shrimp curry. But now that I'm usually just in Quezon City, it's been more difficult to find some, and I was happy to find it in Kimono Ken.

Ebi Fry Curry

The place is usually filled with families and office workers during the day. Its interiors are bright, because of natural light shining through its big windows. (Sometimes though the sunlight also causes some heat for those sitting near the glass.)

This dessert is nothing special (I can't even remember its name), but it was a good way to end a meal. After all, it's quite hard to go wrong with ice cream, mango, and some chocolate syrup.

I will return again and again to Kimono Ken, if only for the ebi fry curry.

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Anonymous said...

masarap kumain sa kimono dahil magagaling ang chefs at dining staff. masarap balik balikan kasi japanese for less, hi sa inyo mam lynette, mam rose, mam jackie.