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Friday, August 28, 2009

Aresi Restaurant and Bar

Around ten years ago, Aresi Restaurant was near ABS-CBN. I liked going to that restaurant because it had ambience, the food was good, and it was reasonably priced. At that time, actress Gloria Romero's daughter Maritess Gutierrez was the chef. After a few years though, they closed up shop, and from what I heard it was because of issues with the ones who were leasing the property.

I missed having Aresi around. I distinctly remember looking forward to having their shrimp risotto, ale-battered fish, and mushroom soup. I heard that they still had a branch in Subic, but that is too far for Manila-bound me.

I was therefore very excited when I heard that Aresi had opened again, this time in Il Terrazzo, still along Tomas Morato. I went there with some friends to check it out and see if it was still the Aresi that I so fondly remembered.

When I got there, I saw that the ambience felt a little bit more formal and upscale. The interiors were on the dark side, with dark wood and browns dominating the place. I excitedly opened the menu to see if my old favorites were still there. Sadly, they were not, except for the mushroom soup, which I ordered. I also had their four cheese pizza.

Mushroom Soup

The mushroom soup tasted exactly like it did years ago, but the serving was noticeably smaller. As for the pizza, it was good except that I thought it could do with more cheese. As you can see from the photo, the cheese didn't really extend all the way till the end of the crust.

Quattro Formaggio

What really hit me as the biggest change in the restaurant were the prices. Obviously, with inflation, they would have increased compared to when I used to go there years ago. But I realized that with their upscale interiors came upscale prices as well. It seems like the restaurant's target market has changed, since the casual dining feel has changed to that of fine dining.

Would I go back there? I'm not really sure. All I know is that the Aresi of yesterday, with its to-die-for shrimp risotto, is no more.

Aresi Restaurant and Bar
2nd Level Il Terrazzo
35 Tomas Morato corner Scout Madrinan
Quezon City
Tel. No. (632)332.1941 or 332.1942.

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Ula said...

Aresi was where Ron and I first met naaaaks didnt know they opened up again at a new location. I wonder if its open until now :)