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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Terry's (Terry Selection) at the Podium, One of My All-time Favorite Restaurants

I have long loved dining at Terry Selection, now simply called Terry's, at the Podium. For the past few years, whenever I felt I deserved a celebratory meal, Terry's was (and continues to be) the first restaurant that sprang to mind. The place, aside from being a Spanish restaurant, is also a gourmet store similar to Santi's.

Besugo a la Bilbaina

Whenever I go there, I try to bring a friend, not only for social purposes, but because there are two dishes that I always want to have in the restaurant. It would be a bit much if I always had two entrees for a meal (calorie-wise and peso-wise), so I try to convince my friend to split them with me so the two of us could have a bit of both dishes.

The first of these is called Lenguado a la Mantequilla. As the menu describes, "A tangy lemon and butter sauce with capers enhances the delicate flavor of these sole medallions". The second is called Besugo a la Bilbaina, and again, according to the menu, "True to this Bilbao-style recipe, carefully pan-fried almond halves and garlic slivers are used to top juicy white snapper medallions".

Now, this is one time when the "mouth-watering-ness" (yes, I just made up that word) of the menu translates into the actual thing. Just reading the description of the dishes makes me positively Pavlovian, and when the servers deliver them to my table, they taste just as the menu promised. Both of these give me such pleasure that I can hardly give up one for the other. (Hence, my sharing strategy.)

If I find that I have no choice but to have only one, though, I choose the Besugo, because of the advantage of having almonds. ( I love nuts in my meals.) Also, it has garlic rice, which I prefer over the Lenguado's sliced potatoes.

The best thing about Terry's is that after I receive so much happiness from the entrees, there is still something to look forward to- dessert! And not just any dessert... even its name has a touch of the royal about it. Marquesa de Chocolate is the perfect ending to such an excellent meal.

I always make sure I ask the servers if it is available as soon as I sit down, because sometimes, they run out, and I get so disappointed to find out AFTER I'd had my meal, and then I feel that my Terry's experience was incomplete. I rank this dessert among my top five, and I sometimes have two servings, even if it makes me feel like a glutton.

Overall, I find that Terry's is an old reliable, if I want to have a great meal. I would recommend it to anyone, particularly the abovementioned dishes for seafood lovers, and of course the Marquesa, for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Lower Ground Level
The Podium
18 ADB Ave.
Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


Giselle said...

I gotta try this one out soon, if only for the dessert!

ina said...

darnnn. ba't ngayon ko lang nakita 'tong food blog mo?!? anyway...

LOVE terry's too :) i've only eaten a few times, and mostly i go for the sandwiches (due to peso issues as well, hehe), but they've never ever disappointed. i'll make sure to try your reco's next time!!! anything in garlic makes me salivate....

see you around gidge!!

Alex A. said...

ate, you really have to try their marquesa, it's small anyway, so you can pretend it doesn't have too much calories.

ina!!! thanks for dropping by. if you like garlic (like i do) then you really have to try the besugo. i've been meaning to write about chocolate kiss, but whenever i go there, it seems i don't have my camera! anyway hope all is well with you. see you!