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Friday, October 09, 2009

Food #03 Vegetarian Restaurant, Singapore

I love places like Food #03, a vegetarian restaurant in the Little India area in Singapore. James brought Gigi and I there so we could taste his favorite Tempeh burger. I've seen similar places in other cities, where, along with vegetarian fare, they also have cause-oriented posters on the walls (or in this case, on their door.)

Their menu pretty much spelled out their beliefs. It said the restaurant saved electricity and water, which meant there was no airconditioning, and water was only provided upon request. It also said they didn't use microwave ovens, which are considered evil. And of course, they re-use and recycle.

I ordered their Dugu burger, which had oyster mushrooms on top of their Tempeh burger. I liked it, but maybe only because I'm used to eating vegetarian dishes, and often encounter this kind of taste. Gigi wasn't a big fan though.

Dugu Burger

As I said, I do like places like this restaurant, where the people are still idealistic, hoping and believing that they can still change the world, one meal at a time.

Food #03 Vegetarian Restaurant
109 Rowell Road
Tel. No. 6396.7980

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