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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goodbye Meal at Starbucks, Changi Airport, Singapore

Our flight back to the Philippines was very early in the morning, so Gigi and I set off for Changi airport barely awake. We weren’t even able to say goodbye to our gracious host James, because he was still asleep and couldn’t be awakened via phone (He was sleeping in another room and we didn’t want to wake his roommate).

Cheese and Tomato Bagel

After checking in, we still had some time to kill before our flight so we decided to have breakfast in Starbucks. Or at least, I did. Gigi just had some water. I like eating in different branches of this coffee chain, because the food they offer varies from outlet to outlet. Sometimes they have surprisingly interesting food, and in Changi, this proved to be true.

I had their cheese and tomato bagel with my coffee. What I really liked about this simple sandwich is that it had arugula, which is hard to find and quite expensive in the Philippines. I enjoyed eating the sandwich with the chips that came with it. (To heck with calories- my holiday was about to end.)

The melted cheese on tomato on a bagel toasted just so proved to be an unexpected airport treat and a great way to end my food hunt in Singapore.

Changi Airport

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