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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can't get enough of Laguna Garden Cafe, Cebu

During my recent trip to Cebu, my friends and I just couldn't get enough of Laguna Garden Cafe. It almost seemed as if we wanted to have each and every meal there.


We would usually start in the morning, with intentions of having (only) breakfast there. However, it is a very pleasant place to hang out in, so we'd end up having merienda there as well.

Like in my previous entry about Laguna Garden Cafe, I had a lot of SMT (Suman, Mangga, at Tsokolate) this time. Their hot chocolate is just too good to pass up, and it really goes very well with the suman and mango.

Actually, I had a lot more to eat there during this trip. My favorites were (aside from SMT), their pancit palabok (with pork removed), and their turon, which I requested to be served with vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures of most of what I ate, mostly because I totally forgot about taking photos when the food arrived and just went straight to business.

The best thing was, the waiters and manager didn't kick us out even after we'd been sitting there for five hours. For that, I declare their service simply excellent.

I have so many fond memories of this place... having way too much SMT, watching the Ateneo-UP game on their TV while having even more hot chocolate, and just spending quality time with my friends in this well-lit, very comfortable, and cozy cafe.

Laguna Garden Cafe
Ayala Center
Cebu City, Philippines

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