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Meeting for "coffee" at T.G.I.Friday's

As the title of this blog implies, I planned to have coffee at T.G.I.Friday's. I had good intentions, I really did. My friend Yeng invited me to have some coffee one afternoon, and we ended up at this restaurant. We also ended up NOT having coffee but eating a rather heavy afternoon snack (merienda).

After looking at the menu, all those glossy pictures made us decide to eat instead. Specifically, to eat shrimp. We tried one of the new items on their menu, the Shrimp Mango Quesadilla. When it was brought to our table by the server, we were a bit disappointed that there was more mango than shrimp in the quesadilla. Yeng pointed this out to the waiter (she's a very assertive person), who promised to pass along the feedback to the kitchen.

Shrimp Mango Quesadilla

To satisfy our unsatisfied urge for shrimp, we decided to have some of their Friday's Shrimp (I think we had the 12-piece version). Along with the shrimp were a lot of french fries, so we it was a rather sinful dish. Fried battered shrimp + fried potatoes + tartar sauce = megacalories. We washed down our food with diet soda, which was our only way of doing damage control. At least we didn't add sugar calories to the fat calories, right?

Friday's Shrimp

So, again, no coffee; instead, fried food. I think I'll postpone working on my new year's resolutions for next week.

Tomas Morato
Quezon City


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