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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old and new favorites at Pancake House

Pancake House is a part of many Filipinos' lives. As a child, I remember that I was always excited when my parents told me we were having lunch, usually on a Sunday, at this restaurant. My favorites way back when were their tacos, their roast chicken sandwich, and the chocolate marble waffle.

Years later, after I stopped eating chicken and beef, I had to start eating other things on the menu (although I continued having the waffle). I usually had bangus, or just the waffle. A few years ago, Pancake House had a change of menu, and expanded their list of offerings considerably. This made me very happy, because there were now things other than bangus that I could have.

I was last there with my friend Yvette, who was in town for a short break from her job as a UN worker in Lebanon. After a game of badminton, we decided to treat ourselves to the comfort food of Pancake House.

We first tried to order the smoked tangigue salad, but unfortunately, the server said they didn't have the fish. So we settled for their shrimp mango salad, and it was the first time that I ordered this in Pancake House.

Shrimp Mango Salad

The greens were crisp, and shrimp and mango always go well together. I particularly liked the nuts on it, though. I wish the salad had more of this.

Then, I ordered their fish rolls. This is my current favorite in the restaurant. Whenever I go scuba diving in Batangas, I stop by with my friends at the Pancake House along SLEX on the way home, and this is what I always order. I like it because the serving is generous, and the rolls are crunchy.

Fish Rolls

Again, I topped off the meal with their chocolate marble waffle. I simply love love love this. Spreading the peanut butter, then the whipped butter, then drowning the waffle in syrup... it's a ritual that builds up my excitement at eating this treat.

Chocolate Marble Waffle

My friends often tease me about how excited and happy I get whenever I find out we're going to eat in Pancake House. What can I say? I associate the restaurant with happy childhood memories, and because I end many a dive trip with a meal here, I've come to associate it with happy adult moments as well.

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anjou said...

So happy in fact that you break into song :-)