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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pink Pepper Restaurant

I've made the rounds of most of the restaurants in Il Terrazzo, but for some reason I've skipped Pink Pepper Restaurant. (Maybe because it looks like the type of place which serves overpriced food.)

One afternoon, Yeng and I decided to try it, but since we didn't feel all that hungry, we just ordered some light dishes on the menu. According to said menu, the plant called "pink pepper" is not related to the pepper family, but to the cashew family. The dried pink berry looks like black pepper, it goes on to say, thus, the name. The menu also says that pink pepper is "rare and expensive because of high demand". (Aha! The justification for its high prices.)

I liked their caprese salad mostly because I thought it had the right amount of cheese for the size of the salad.

Caprese Salad

The garlic mushrooms were the usual kind of mushrooms you get when you order them as bar chow, although the pink pepper did give it an interesting taste (interesting in a good way, that is).

Garlic Mushrooms

When I ordered the cheese souffle, I was quite excited to try it. However, I was a bit disappointed when I tasted it because it had less cheese than I expected. The souffle tasted more egg than cheese, actually.

Cheese Souffle

Because of our disappointment over the cheese souffle, we no longer wanted to try their dessert. I don't know if what we ordered was a fair sample of the range of food that they offered, but I doubt if we are going back there anytime soon.

Pink Pepper
Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato Ext.
Quezon City, Philippines

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