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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Garden Cafe, Cebu City Marriott Hotel

During Holy Week, it's a bit of a challenge to find restaurants that are open in the Philippines, since a lot of establishments choose to close down from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday in observance of the holiday. Since my friends and I were in Cebu, it was doubly a challenge because we were not all that familiar with the area.

We realized that a likely place to find an open restaurant was a hotel, so off we went to the Marriott. Anjou, Zara, and I wanted to have some coffee, but we ended up having a heavy merienda and some cocktails instead. It was a great decision to go the Garden Cafe at Marriott Hotel, because we enjoyed both the food and the drinks, which we thought were reasonably priced for a hotel. We had some tuna tataki, mushroom soup, and salmon pizza for our afternoon snack.

Tataki of Tuna Encrusted in Sesame Seeds
Salmon Pizza
Chef's Mushroom Soup with Grilled Pesto Crostini

The three of us ended up hanging out at the Garden Cafe for several hours. We started out in the airconditioned area while we ate, then moved to the poolside when we had our drinks. We had fun trying their different cocktails. (Though with all the sugar in mine, my drinks were more like liquid dessert.) The Garden Cafe turned out to be a pleasant place to bond with my girl friends, although we all felt a bit disappointed that we weren't there in time for their buffet.

The Garden Cafe
Marriott Hotel
Cardinal Rosales Avenue
Cebu City, 6000
Tel. No. (63)(32)415.6100

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