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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Red Kimono Japanese Restaurant

I first heard of Red Kimono Japanese Restaurant from my friend Kennie, who was very excited by the resto's all-you-can-eat offering. Red Kimono is proud to offer its "Better than Buffet" menu, which they say combines "buffet quantity and a la carte quality". So I went to the restaurant with her, after which I was very satisfied, and we both went home very stuffed.

Spicy Tekka Maki

This buffet is exactly what I like about this restaurant. In some other (Japanese) buffets, the quality of the food suffers because it is offered as part of the all-you-can-eat package. With Red Kimono, I felt like I was having a buffet of dishes that I ordered from the menu, without them tasting like they were cooked for vast quantities; in other words, mass-produced.

Crabstick Rolls

The condition set by the menu though is you have to order rice to avail of the buffet (and of course finish it), so you will not get a chance to go low-carb. But those carbs are a small price to pay, especially if you're really prepared to go on an all-out Japanese food pig-out session.

The dish that I like most from the buffet menu is their layered spinach and tofu. Sometimes I order just this in this restaurant, when I am trying to cut down on my carbohydrates.

Layered Spinach and Tofu

I've gone back several times to different branches of Red Kimono, and I haven't been disappointed yet. Maybe because I haven't really met a buffet I didn't like.

Ebi Tempura

Red Kimono Japanese Restaurant
UP-Ayala Techno HUB
Quezon City

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