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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Angelina Italian Restaurant, Malapascua, Cebu

The island of Malapascua is well-known for its scuba diving sites where you can get a glimpse of the endangered thresher shark. Malapascua is rather remote and not too heavily populated, so when I went there, I was pleasantly surprised to find a good Italian restaurant called Angelina, which is by the resort I stayed in, Tepanee Beach Resort. I enjoyed eating in this restaurant so much that I had most of my meals there.

I tried several dishes but I liked their Quattro Formaggio Pasta best, and I had it several times. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any photos of this dish. Maybe because in my rush to eat it, I would forget to take a photo of it before I dug in. They also served us free Bruschetta to start with. It was a good idea, because the food would take quite a while to arrive.


I also had their Arugula Salad more than once. I really like this leaf, and I can't imagine how they managed to have a good stock of it, since it's not that easy to find in Manila. Maybe they grow their own.

Arugula Salad

I also enjoyed their Four Cheese Pizza. (Have I mentioned I love cheese?)

Four Cheese Pizza

The only dessert I got to try there though was their Affogato (which is Italian for "drowned"). Their version was made of chocolate ice cream drowned in espresso. It was not particularly memorable, maybe because the ice cream melted too quickly in the heat (of the weather, not necessarily of the coffee).


I do like this restaurant. As I've said, I ate there several times in the few days that I was in Malapascua. I like its interiors and food, I love that it's by the beach and that you can feel the sand between your toes while you eat, and I appreciate the unexpectedness of finding an excellent Italian restaurant in such a remote island that's famous mostly for their thresher sharks. It's always a joy to combine two of my great loves, diving and dining.

Angelina Restaurant
Tepanee Resort
Malapascua Island


leigh said...

Hi! I came across your blog when searching for pescetarian bloggers (not many as I would've thought).

Hope you don't mind if I link to your blog. Oh and your blog makes me hungry enough to go back to the Philippines! =)

Alex A. said...

Hi Leigh! No problem with the link. Thanks, if fact :) Thanks for dropping by and do come back to the Philippines!

Kristine R. said...

Wow! We were in Malapascua last month and I missed that place. Looking forward to a second visit :)

Alex A. said...

Hi Kristine! I hope you do get to try the restaurant on your next visit. Thanks for visiting!

cagayan de oro hotels said...

I think you should have gone for the plain ice cream for dessert, your Affogato turned into ice cream coffee :). Anyhow, thanks for this post, keeping a note to check the place out when I get there.

Alex A. said...

thanks for dropping by, cdo :-) yes, it's worth a visit.

The Happy Hamster said...

This is a great post. :) I'd just like to know... What's the price range of the food at this restaurant?