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Friday, June 18, 2010

Cafea Restaurant, Quezon City

Cafea restaurant has been around for more than ten years, if memory serves me right. It's located across ABS-CBN, and at the time it opened, there were not too many restaurants in the area. It used to be a favorite place of my friends and I, and we often went there at that time, to have coffee, a meal, or even a drink or two. I believe someone even threw me a surprise birthday party there once upon a time. However, I stopped going to Cafea for a few years because of an argument with the restaurant manager (I forget now what it was about).

I revisited it recently for a couple of meetings held there, and I found that it looks pretty much the same (except older). They have free WiFi, but the P50 per hour charge for having your laptop plugged into their socket put me off a bit. (Hmmm... maybe I haven't gotten over that little altercation of years back.)

Anyway, I found that their menu had changed a bit, but my favorites are still there. They still had their pasta marinara, which I used to order, with a special request to use only shrimp. It tasted as good and as heavy as it used to.

Pasta Marinara

Another favorite of mine was their seafood kebab, which I still enjoyed. It still had that huge mound of rice which is a sin to finish.

Seafood Kebab

The interiors haven't changed much. Maybe it's time to renovate? Because of the proliferation of restaurants in the vicinity, Cafea is no longer the popular hangout it used to be. But I would still come back to have some of my favorites. (Especially if I didn't have to pay the plug-in fee.)

Cafea Restaurant
42 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue
Barangay South Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines


Anonymous said...

hi i'm new to pescetarianism, i'd like to ask if you have a list of foods--particularly instant foods, chips.. that we can eat. thank u

Alex A. said...

Hi! What exactly do you mean by instant food? Do you mean easy to cook food, or instant meals that you can find in the grocery?

As for chips, you can practically eat anything, though most chips are not very healthy (although I am admittedly a BIG fan), but most of them are non-meat.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tameri T. said...

Looks so good!