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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My favorite kinds of frozen yogurt

I love frozen yogurt, and I am very happy that the yogurt craze is still very much in Manila. That means more places to choose from. I've tried several stores selling this, and so far, I have two favorites. I like them because they are not as sweet as some others I've tried. The sweet ones taste too much like ice cream to me.

Frozen Yogurt Indulgence

I usually order plain yogurt with mango and almonds as toppings. I have these two almost always, and just add others when I'm in the mood. My alternative toppings are strawberry, kiwi, and all other nuts. I go most often to Frozen Yogurt Indulgence of FYI because there's one in Il Terrazzo, near my office. I also like the yogurt in Red Mango, but I only get to eat that when I find myself in Eastwood. I have yet to go to their Trinoma branch, which is closer to me.

Red Mango

I tried Frutti Froyo recently because they opened a branch in Tomas Morato. One of my reliable yogurt partners, Yeng, invited me to have an afternoon yogurt there. I really liked the place, because it felt like a yogurt buffet with so many choices of toppings and even yogurt (pistachio, blueberry, etc). I appreciated their policy of paying by weight, and not by number of ingredients. You pay a flat fee of P18 per ounce of whatever you yourself put in the cup, whether it's yogurt, nuts, fruits, cereal, or anything else in their wide array of choices.

Sometimes, in other places, I feel shortchanged because they only put a small amount of toppings. The volume is not consistent. With Frutti Froyo, I felt more like I got my money's worth because you pay by weight. Of course, I ended up eating (and paying) a lot more because I made my concoction myself. The texture of the yogurt is not as fine as that in Red Mango or FYI, but it had a similar slightly sour yogurt-y taste.

I will continue to try other kinds of yogurt in my search for new favorites, but for now these are my preferred brands.

Frozen Yogurt Indulgence
Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato
Quezon City

Red Mango

Frutti Froyo
Tomas Morato
corner Scout Madrinan

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