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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In praise of Starbucks' Fudgy Butterscotch Bar

When Starbucks landed on Philippine shores in the late 90s, I immediately became a fan; not because of their coffee though, but because of a certain pastry that I found there. It was called "Butterscotch Fudge Bar" at the time, and it made me frequent the Starbucks branch along Tomas Morato, the closest one to our office at the time. I remember that I would bump into my friend Gigi in that branch in the morning, and we would find that we were there for the same reason- to have this particular bar.

Fudgy Butterscotch Bar

I love the random strips of chocolate on the bar, as well as the nuts on it. I like the dense texture when I sink my teeth into it. Some of my other friends find it too sweet, but I think it's heavenly. A few years ago, the composition of this pastry was changed. All the chocolate was placed at the bottom of the bar instead of being randomly found throughout the pastry. It wasn't as delicious as the original recipe, but thankfully they reverted to the old style of making it.

I still have the Fudgy Butterscotch Bar whenever I am in Starbucks, and whenever it's in stock, of course. (I'm sometimes tempted to throw a fit when I find that they've run out.) The taste has remained consistent throughout the years (aside from the aforementioned lapse), and biting into it is one sure way to cheer me up and make me ready to face the remainder of the day.

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Anonymous said...

I love this too! Comfort food. Hence leading me to trying to find a recipe for it. They don't serve that in Starbucks locations here in the U.S. so I thought of just making it myself. If you have the recipe, would you please post? Thanks!