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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Gigi's birthday lunch at A Taste of LA, Quezon City

Last week, Gigi treated Chi and I to lunch to celebrate her birthday. And as we did for a years back, we headed to A Taste of LA along Roces Avenue. As I mentioned in an entry a few years ago, this place holds some sentimental value for the three of us. We often ushered in Gigi's birthday here while having pizza and wine as we waited for the clock to strike twelve.

This year though, we made do with lunch. We started off with some oysters. Gigi also has a love for cheese, so we had the Oysters Formaggio. They were delicious (as things swimming in cheese inevitably are), and it was such a waste when the cheese dribbled over to the salt that the shells lay on.

Oysters Formaggio

In the interest of diet damage control, I didn't order anything carbo-loaded. Or at least, not till dessert. I had some roasted pumpkin soup, and butterflied shrimps to go with it. I usually enjoy pumpkin soup, and their version was as satisfactory as any other. I also liked the dip for the shrimp, which had some anchovy and cheese.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Butterflied Shrimps

For dessert, we wanted to have their cheesecake, which is one reason why go back to this restaurant. Unfortunately, and to our great disappointment, they didn't have any. But we couldn't end a birthday meal without anything sweet, so Gigi and I had their African Date Pie along with some coffee. Chi ordered the chocolate cake, though I don't think she was as happy with her choice as we were with ours.

African Date Pie

All told, another great meal at one of our favorite restaurants. Happy birthday, Gigi!

A Taste of L.A. Café
171 Roces Ave., Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(632) 374-2461

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