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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mien San Noodle House

I hadn't seen my friend Kennie in a while because she was quite busy the past few months. She suggested that we get together so she could bring me to an authentic Taiwanese restaurant while we catch up. One evening, I picked her up then we went to Mien San Noodle House, which was packed, especially for a rainy week night.

I tried to order some dumplings, but unfortunately, the ones I ordered, or tried to order (prawn or vegetable), had some pork in it. I really hate it when that happens- when the menu says "shrimp dumpling", "shrimp cakes", "vegetable rolls", and so on, and they have pork mixed in it.

I've seen this in several Chinese and Thai restaurants. That's why pescetarians have to ask specifically if these dishes (usually with ground or chopped ingredients) have other kinds of meat, because they fail to mention that there is pork, or sometimes chicken, mixed in them.

Kennie told me to try the Fried Manthou, which she said was usually served with condensed milk (of this, I am a great fan). But, in this case, no condensed milk was to be had. No matter, I still enjoyed the fried bread. I don't know if it's usually done, but I added some butter to it.

Fried Manthou

According to the menu, another authentic Taiwanese dish was the oyster pancake, which I ordered. It was bigger than I expected it to be, and I wasn't able to finish the whole thing. (The leftovers were enough for lunch the next day.) Kennie said it had more of the glutinous stuff than she was used to. I myself couldn't judge, not having tried too many oyster pancakes in my day.

Oyster Pancake

I also had their century egg with tofu. This one I particularly liked, as I am fond both of century egg and tofu. The garlic was not too overpowering, just enough to make the dish very tasty.

Century Egg with Tofu

I would go back to this place, although parking is a bit difficult, and you come out of the place smelling like food. Next time I might actually get to try the noodles.

Mien San Noodle House
Granada St., Bgy. Valencia,
New Manila, Quezon City

Tel. Nos. (632)721.5794, (632)723.0558

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arlyn said...

hello i just want to ask if you are eating ready-to-cook fish cakes (like the one you can find in the supermarket or is serve in tongyang) and alike? because squidballs and fishballs contains lard.

thank you