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Monday, February 14, 2011

Burritos and Tacos (B&T), Ortigas

During one weekend out of town, my friend Girlie brought along her friend Mariel. In one of our early conversations, talk turned to food and interesting restaurants. Mariel mentioned that she and Girlie recently discovered a new Mexican restaurant called Burritos and Tacos, or B&T for short.

Mariel said that she preferred the food there to that in Ristras. What piqued my interest about the place was that she said the fish tacos there were good. I haven't had those in a while, so I resolved to go to the place as soon as I could.

The next weekend, my friend Z and I went there to have a late lunch. It actually turned out to be early dinner as well. We ate so much that we were full until the evening. The place is relatively new; according to the owner/manager, they opened only in December. He was very helpful and explained the menu to us.

Basically, you choose the kind of Mexican meal you want (burrito, taco, etc.), and then the meat you want to put in it. For some of the dishes, you can mix and match the meat. But for fish, which is what I had, you can't mix it with anything else. I chose to have it with soft tacos.

Fish Tacos

I liked the condiments that went with the food. I particularly liked the jalapeno and the hot sauce. The waitstaff were attentive, and asked if we wanted a refill of any of the condiments whenever they noticed that we'd run out.

As you can see from the earlier photo, there were three tacos on my plate. This is why I ended up so stuffed. The fish tacos were very good, but I think I shouldn't have eaten all three. Maybe next time, I could share one order with a friend. I do want to go there again, to try their other seafood dishes.

I'll be waiting to eat that shrimp burrito.

Burritos and Tacos (B&T)
Sekai Building, Ortigas Avenue
San Juan, Metro Manila

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