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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can't get enough of Pad Thai at Full Moon, Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera used to be a yearly destination for me come Holy Week. I have family there, so the four-day holiday was usually spent catching up on what's going on with them and sunning myself on the beach. I haven't spent Holy Week there for some years now, mostly because it usually gets a bit too crowded during that time. This year, though, my diving friend Jan organized a trip for this holiday, and I decided to go, as Galera is always a pleasure to dive.

I did not see as many people as I expected to. Maybe because we stayed at a part of Puerto Galera where a lot of dive shops operate, and the party places were few and far between. Maybe the crowds were at White Beach. I never really had time to find out, because at the end of each diving day, I was usually exhausted and ready to turn in early.

Partly because of this exhaustion, and partly out of laziness, my friend Z and I ended up eating almost all of our meals at Full Moon, a restaurant near the resort in which we stayed. What was strangest of all was that we both had Pad Thai there during five of our meals in our four-day stay. I am not usually so single-minded in my choice of food, but we just liked it so much that we had it so often.

Pad Thai

I tried to judge which of their cooks was better- the day shift or the night shift? The Pad Thai served in the evening was usually spicier and had more shrimp. But the size of the portions varied. Aside from the level of hotness though, the taste for each serving was pretty much the same. So I decided I liked both cooks equally.

Despite the inconsistent taste and portion size of the Pad Thai, we continued to order it. I thought it was very tasty and authentic. I guess it's unnecessary for me to say I would eat at Full Moon again, not after going back for their Pad Thai again... and again... and again.

Full Moon Bar and Grill
Sabang Beach
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

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