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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pre-flight dinner at Andiamo Restaurant, NAIA Terminal 3

I had some time to kill at the airport before my flight to Vietnam (final destination Cambodia), so I had some dinner at Andiamo. My primary reason for choosing the restaurant was that they had a strong Wifi signal (shallow me), but another reason was that I saw that the restaurant was part of the Cantinetta group, of which I am a fan.

I ordered their Tartufo (Truffle cream sauce with parmesan cheese), and I was quite happy with it. I like truffle oil (although I know some purists find this to be an abomination), and I like cheese, so for me, it was a hit. It was quite heavy, so my stomach was pretty well stocked for the flight. Having such a full stomach probably accounts for my being particularly sleepy during the flight.

Pasta Tartufo
On my next flight from Terminal 3,  I certainly wouldn't mind killing time here again. Both for the Wifi AND the food.

Andiamo Restaurant
4th Level, Terminal 3 NAIA
Pasay City, Philippines
Tel. No. +63 2 846.3503

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