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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Classic Italian fastfood at Sbarro

Sbarro has been around for what seems like forever to me, a ubiquitous sight in SM malls. The reason I like this restaurant is that it always has veggie-friendly choices, my favorite being their spinach lasagna. One afternoon, while killing time before watching the final installment of Harry Potter at the Block, my friends wanted some quick pizza and pasta, so I thought of eating at Sbarro.

I hadn't gone there in years. The place looked very different from how I remembered it, but the food was almost exactly the same (they had some new additions to their menu though). The spinach lasagna tasted exactly like how I remembered it, although I don't remember ever having their spinach and mushroom pizza before. What I liked best about the meal though was their garlic bread. Still as garlicky and greasy as it was years and years ago.

Sbarro is not a bad choice if you want your pizza and pasta fast and filling, particularly if you are in a rush and don't want to miss your movie showing. It remains a sentimental favorite of mine, where spinach lasagna is available, the taste predictable, and the food quite affordable.

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