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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tapas at Ciao Baci, Little Rock, AR

Holly wanted to bring me to a place where we could have a nice glass of wine outdoors, and she said the perfect place for this was Ciao Baci. When we got there, the inner dining area was empty but the balcony was packed. We joined everyone else who wanted to enjoy the pleasant weather outside.

We were with her friend Robert and we had a few drinks there. Holly and I shared a bottle of wine while Robert had a few beers. The place offered tapas, so I had their grilled shrimp crostini. This is not a very clear picture of it. The balcony was very dark, and we only had one little bitty candle to light our table.

Grilled Shrimp Crostini

I'm not complaining about the lighting though, since I do prefer dim lights when I'm drinking (my eyes get bothered easily by light when alcohol's involved). Not good for taking pictures though. I liked what I had, although I thought the bread was a little hard. It was pretty toasted so it was very crunchy when I bit into it. I would have wanted it a little less well done.

The place was a bit pricey compared to the other places that Holly has brought me to so far. Maybe there are other (social ?) factors that make it so, but I am no expert to be able to determine this, not being a Little Rock resident. Overall though, I liked the ambience in the place. A good place to chat and share some wine with your friends.

Ciao Baci
605 N. Beechwood St.
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States
Phone: 501.603.0238

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