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Monday, November 14, 2011

In the mood for Chinese- at Dragon 21 Chinese Cuisine & Noodles, Cypress CA

My brother was in the mood for some Chinese food, and was hard pressed to think of where to go since it was about the time for the dinner rush. He was pretty hungry, so Liz suggested that we go to Dragon 21 Chinese Cuisine and Noodles. Her main convincing point was that the place was usually not filled with diners because they were busier with their takeout customers. True to Liz's prediction, there was only one other table of people when we arrived.

As usual, we ordered way too much for only four people. But my brother rationalized that they needed some food to take to work/school the next day, so we could make use of leftovers (if any).

Aside from the meat dishes they ordered, we also had some Schezwan Eggplant (which Liz and I believed only we would eat since the males in the family are quite averse to vegetables).

Schezwan Eggplant

We also ordered some Dragon Seafood, which was described to be "shrimp, scallops, calamari and fish fillet sauteed in brown sauce, atop a bed of assorted vegetables".

Dragon Seafood

We also decided to have some Orange Peel Fish and Shrimp Fried Rice. (We do love us some shrimp.)

Orange Peel Fish

Shrimp Fried Rice

It took a lot of will power for us not to polish off everything, since supposedly, some of the food was to be left over for the next day. Everything I tasted was good, and even if the food looked similar in all their saucy glory, the dishes actually had their own flavor, which all complemented each other.

I would have to say my favorite was the orange peel fish. My brother said it tasted a lot like orange chicken, which they often order in Chinese restaurants, so he was glad that there was an alternative to their favorite.

If our dining experience was a typical evening for the restaurant, it would be a really good place for us to go back to. It is sometimes quite difficult to find a good Chinese place to eat that is not crowded. Because there were not too many people, we also had our dinner in peace and quiet.

Dragon 21 Chinese Cuisine and Noodles
10503 Valley View St.
Cypress, California
United States 90630
Tel. No. (714)828.1818

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