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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pizza at the park

It was the weekend, so my brother's family and I went to have a little lunch picnic at Cerritos Regional Park. Having some pizza sounded like a great idea, so we got some at Pizza Hut, where there was a $10-for-any-pizza promo. My brother chose the usual meaty one, and I ordered the Ultimate Cheese Lover's Pizza. We also ordered some Chicken Alfredo for the pasta component of the meal.

The pasta didn't have a lot of chicken, which was good for me, because I was able to eat some of the pasta while not getting any of the chicken meat.

Pizza Hut's version of the ultimate cheese pizza had no tomato sauce, and instead had a layer of Alfredo sauce. This was not really a problem for me. My favorite Ultimate Cheese and Garlic Pizza from Shakey's in the Philippines likewise has no tomato sauce, and I think cheese lovers can handle this kind of cheesy taste overload.

Some may find it a bit much, but then again, it IS called the ultimate cheese lover's pizza. If you genuinely love cheese, I think you can never have too much of it.

Pizza Hut's Ultimate Cheese Lover's Pizza

I could definitely eat this again. Actually, Pizza Hut is the only fastfood pizza chain restaurant I like in the US, and I particularly like their thin crust. (I don't really eat any other kind of pizza crust). I used to order their thin crust vegetarian, but their Ultimate Cheese Lover's Pizza is a good, albeit more fattening, alternative.

Pizza Hut
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