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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yumyumyum at Nomnomnom

Early this afternoon, Z asked me if I wanted to have dinner with her and Berber, and I suggested that we eat at Nomnomnom. I’ve missed that place, and was pretty excited to eat there again. Once they agreed to have dinner there, I already thought about what I wanted to order. I have to admit I could hardly wait for 7pm to arrive.

They picked me up right on time, then we proceeded to Nomnomnom. We were all very hungry, so we ordered quickly. On my part, it helped that I knew exactly what I wanted to eat even before I got there. I had fried ravioli as an appetizer, and spicy squid for my main course.

Spicy Squid

When the food arrived, and it arrived quickly, we hardly talked to each other as we were all busy wolfing down our food. We probably all ate a bit too quickly, but then, as I said, we were all famished.

The food was excellent, as usual. My only complaint was that the garlic cream sauce for the ravioli was too watery.

Fried Ravioli

When we pointed this out to the server, he said that that was really how it was supposed to be. I’ve ordered this dish several times in the past though, and I’ve had the sauce at a thicker and much more acceptable consistency. It was a disappointment to have the sauce in such a liquid state as it was hard to put on the ravioli.

This lapse is not enough to stop me from going to Nomnomnom though. I really love this place. So many options for pescetarians, and even vegetarians. I just hope they get the ravioli dipping sauce right next time.

E. Rodriguez Ave.
Quezon City

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