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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sumiyaki Coffee Jelly at UCC Vienna Cafe

It was a very hot Sunday afternoon, so some friends and I decided to cool off by hanging out in freezing coffeeshop airconditioning. We met up at UCC Tomas Morato, where the A/C is usually in full blast.

We all ended up ordering UCC's signature Sumiyaki Coffee Jelly. Some of us in fact had more than one. We ended up hanging out for several hours, and our group's loud laughter earned us some dagger looks from the other customers. It's a wonder no one actually complained to management.

Sumiyaki Coffee Jelly

We really enjoyed ourselves, a little too much maybe. Thanks, UCC customers, for tolerating our group's laughter volume.

UCC Vienna Cafe
Ground Level, Unit 101, Tomas Morato Plaza
Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Roces Ave.
Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. (63)(2)928.6964, (63)(2)928.7047

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