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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baked salmon at Napa Restaurant

One of our other default choices, Napa Restaurant, was where I had my weekly lunch with former officemates. This is the restaurant we like to go to when we have a craving for salmon.

Irene usually wants to eat salmon when she wants to have some fish. I, on the other hand, was in the mood for some other fish so I wanted to have their "Fish Duo" which offers salmon and blue marlin. Unfortunately it was not available, so I ordered their baked salmon.

I try not to eat so much salmon because I suspect most of the salmon available in the country comes from farms. And from what I've read, farmed salmon is bad both for one's health and the environment.    I try to have wild salmon when it is available, but this is probably not the case in a lot of restaurants.

Baked salmon with creamy dill and balsamic glaze 
It was very filling, but I still prefer their salmon with capers pasta. For dessert we decided to share two servings among the three of us. We tried their dayap dulce de leche cake. I liked the dulce de leche, but overall we all agreed the dayap cake of Chocolate Kiss tasted better.

Dayap Dulce de Leche Cake
We also tried their butterscotch sansrival. I was a bit disappointed with it, as sansrival is one of my favorite desserts. I think it was because it didn't seem too substantial when I bit into it. Maybe it could've done with more butter.

Butterscotch Sansrival
I think in the future I would still prefer their devil's food cake, or their molten lava cake. It was not the best meal I've had in the restaurant, but I still enjoyed it.

Napa Restaurant and Bar
12 Scout Borromeo
South Triangle
Quezon City
Tel. 63 (2) 414.8272

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